Moment South Korea Defeats Portugal (2-1)

Moment South Korea Defeats Portugal (2-1)

South Korea beats Portugal (2-1)

Group H: South Korea (2-1) Portugal

South Korea advanced to the round of 16, after beating Portugal 2-1 with a stoppage-time strike from Hwang Hee-chan. South Korea, who began the day in third place in the group, ensured a second-place finish.

Despite the unexpected defeat, Portugal, which had already qualified for the knockout stages, still won the top spot in the group. They will now face the runners-up in Group G, which contains Brazil, Switzerland, Cameroon and Serbia With qualification assured, Portugal has rested several key players, with Rúben Dias, Bruno Fernandes and Bernardo Silva all starting on the bench.

Head to Head between Ronaldo and South Korea player
Photo credit: Euronews

After all said people were still in shock due to the defeat of Portugal saying they started a good play at the beginning but later lost to South Korea and leaving them behind to face other teams in Group G.

Hoping for the best, all teams would face themselves soon and the game is still on because few other teams would still have to drop down from the groups.

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