How to get free data using Hammer vpn

How to get free data using Hammer vpn

How to get free data using hammer VPN

 In today's article we would be learning how to get free data, how to get free data on any network, how to get free data in nigeria,how to get free data using hammer VPN and  how to get free data on android, as we all know data is essential for ones daily internet needs and without data on your phone you can't surf the internet.

However as we all know data is a highly purchased commodity which is meant to be cheap and affordable but currently networks company has hiked up the price and not everyone can afford it but everyone still needs free data.

So in this article you would learn how to get free data and it is 100% efficient and works endeavor to read this article meticulously.

How to get free data using Hammer vpn

Hammer vpn has been serving a lot of people free data over the couples of year's and it known by thousands of people for its strong proxy network servers and port.

As at now hammer vpn is the latest app to get free data and access to unlimited browsing, the procedures in setting it up for proper and effective data usage is simple, so I would endeavour you to follow the steps accurately.

What are the requirements

  • You would need an Android phone from version 4 upwards.
  • You need to have a good and strong network signal in you place of residence.
  • You would need a minimum of 3G or 4G network sim which has no valid data subscription in it.

So let's start with the procedures:

Step 1: The first step is for you to download and install hammer vpn and follow the the procedures below for you to start enjoying free data and surfing the internet for free,in case you want to download Hammer vpn you can click here(option for download)

Step 2: So at this point you need to input the following data's listed below:

For servers option : choose any of the listed free, servers in the hammer vpn app, for example you would see Box 1: 8080 Box 2: 9201, you would also need to tick the UDP column in the drop down menu.

Step 3: For this part you would see the space for username and password do not input anything just leave it and skip to the next step.

Step 4: you would see a small box tick the box option then click connect automatically it would connect you to a server.

That's all so simple and fast afterwards you can now start enjoying your free data, you can download any games of your choice or do whatever you want now because you have access to free data and browsing the internet all for free. 

That's not all this is just a tip of an iceberg because there are still more ways to get free data in this article so continue reading, next on our table of content is usually tweaked to get unlimited data.

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In conclusion, this trick works so fine which means you can use it anytime if you have a good network connection and you are using 3g above server.

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