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“We Might See Nollywood Films Competing For Oscars Soon” – Movie Producer, Obas Erhabor

Popular movie producer, Obas Erhabor on Wednesday said that Nollywood has the potential to become a global phenomenon.

According to Obas via his Instagram page, the movie industry with its unique storytelling and culture impact might compete with Oscars with the type of high-quality films now produced.

He emphasized on the creativeness and innovative game changers in the industry, saying ‘they see possibilities’ where we don’t see it.’

He wrote: “Nollywood is heading towards even greater heights!. It has been gaining international recognition and producing high-quality films. With increased investment and global collaborations, Nollywood is poised to reach new audiences and expand its influence. This has been proved with the global recognition and success of recent Nollywood movies. Exciting times ahead!

“Just like Afrobeat, Nollywood has the potential to become a global phenomenon. With its unique storytelling and cultural impact, our movies can captivate audiences worldwide. It’s all about the passion, talent, and the power of Nigerian creativity! Who knows, we might even see Nollywood films competing for Oscars soon!

“See ehnn Nigerians are so talented, creative, relentless, innovative game changers, exceptional and forward thinkers, we see possibilities where others don’t see it.

“I see a Nollywood and Hollywood crossover on the horizon and that would be a dream come true for fans of both industries. Imagine Denzel Washington and RMD or Jennifer Lawrence and Adesua Etomi in a movie Imagine the incredible storytelling, diverse talent, and cultural fusion that could come from such a collaboration. It would definitely create a buzz and bring together audiences from around the World. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Nollywood-Hollywood crossover.”

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