I Didn’t Feel Good About Yul Taking a 2nd Wife”: Actor Pete Edochie Finally Disclose To The Public

I Didn’t Feel Good About Yul Taking a 2nd Wife”: Actor Pete Edochie Finally Disclose To The Public

Pete Edochie finally Speaks on his son marrying another wife

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie, has finally voiced out concerning the issue of his lastborn, known as Yul Edochie. Recall, Yul Edochie who is also a very popular actor, threw a sensational moment to the Nigerian social media space with the news of him marrying another wife who is an actress known as Just Austin, as his second wife despite the fact he is married to May his first wife During an interview with Vanguard, Pete Edochie admitted that he was not happy about Yul’s decision to take a second wife.

 The News of Yul Edochie marrying another wife went viral and really shook the internet to the extent it made him more popular and he got more engagement on all his social media accounts.

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Pete Edochie, Yul's father then kept mute but later surfaced online to give his thoughts about his son's action. According to him, he did not feel happy about it. Pete Edochie however added that King Solomon in the bible had numerous wives and concubines and was still known as a man of wisdom.

He further went on saying "He didn’t feel good, but like I said I’m a Christian and I read the Bible. Solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines, was branded a man of wisdom . it’s his choice and for whatever reason he decided to take a second wife, that’s all I can say.” 

Also speaking during the interview, Pete Edochie made it clear that no matter what his children do he is still their father and he does not contest their choices with them rather he would give a father support if it is needed.

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