Celebrities except Burna Boy are the worst debtors – Influencer Yhemolee blows hot

Celebrities except Burna Boy are the worst debtors – Influencer Yhemolee blows hot

Popular Nigerian nightlife enthusiast and influencer Idowu Adeyemi aka Yhemolee has accused majority of Nigerian celebrities of being debtors.

While ranting on his Snapchat page, the influencer said that he would soon name names as he said that it was getting out of hand.

When a follower has commented that musician Burna boy was different, the club PR specialist agreed saying one other person was similar while the rest were often owing money. Burna was said to be 

He said that the situation was terrible as it was affecting clubs and revenue as costs could rise up to 56 million while celebrities would only pay about 14 million.

He told every celebrity to stay home if they couldn’t afford the experience or order more affordable drinks.

He wrote;

You people have started owing me again oh. Hmmm if you no get money for drink try Dey house this period.. drinks too cost self so no bother come than to be owing up and down.. if you owe me pls pay
Fun fact: Celebrities are the worst debtors in this life. Best in drinking and not paying

A follower replied:

Celebrity isonu make them go ask as ODG dey run am steadily !!! For the whole lagos na only am no fit owe nobody

Yhemolee responded:

Na why dem say Odogwu no be small piken name now. He Dey pay cash self instanta!!

Chollo self no dey owe person!! Still carry money brief case give me on my birthday.

Y’ll are nothing but Club killers!! Stupid ass fake life people!! Apart from where I work that you dumbfucks make me have credits. There’s no fucking club, lounge or whatever that can say I owe them a dime!!

Over 4yrs that l’ve been drinking and going out consistently, I don’t even take discounts! I fucking pay in full cos I know there are PR’s that might need the bar for that night. You lots would take discount and still not pay!! Animals!!

Make nobody come my club again sey make dem give me bill again if not na swear I go swear for una.

When I say nobody has ever done this Nightlife P like me, I’m not capping!! I don’t even leverage on being an industry person so I go Dey drink up and down no pay!! That’s silly! You are ruining a business fgs!

If you are low on funds , stay home! Stay home!! Or honestly tell me that I should give you drink. I can still give you a bottle and chest the 900k for you. Not calling me that you are coming make I keep table, arrogantly order drinks and have

Texting you like I have to beg you to pay for your drinks.

I hate calls! Everyone around me knows you can’t even call me make I pick so I hate even calling people even more. The next person wey go owe me go land for Instablog

Ask anyone in my club I even pay for my own drinks in Bayrock jsyk!! Mafia sometimes have to ask me how I still make money from the business. But idc that’s me! That’s how I play my game!!

I don’t do complimentary or whatever that sh called..

I’m so irritated

Dem go pay una for una show una go come club no pay. Evil people!! And they can never perform for free in the club na big big money dem go dey call!!

We fucking pay drink suppliers fgs! Club go sell 56m in the night na 14m go enter account, 42m na signed bills. Agents of darkness!!

I’m out!!

There’s another category of agents of darkness. I no go type that one na video I go do tonight by 7pm.. All of you are mad!! If you won be baller be baller and if you won be promoter talk sey you won join make I give you work

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