Wizkid Mocks Davido with leaked video, blasts Don Jazzy

Wizkid Mocks Davido with leaked video, blasts Don Jazzy

Ace Nigerian Musician Wizkid Ayo Balogun has cheekily mocked a number of his colleagues including rival Davido, Ladipoe and Don Jazzy.

The singer who also included himself in a rowdy session on Twitter had began by asking fans if they wanted him to return to his old ways of being a troll.

When a fan acquiesced, Wizkid said that he was a bully in the past but that he was still that man underneath, though he didn’t   want to unleash him yet.

When presumably asked to respond to Ladipoe’s tweet teasing Afrobeats artistes who were fighting, Wizkid said he wouldn’t reply to a musician who was signed to an influencer, thereby sharing both Poe and Don Jazzy.

He continued to play games with fans including sharing a leaked video of Davido where he was begging and asking fans to do the same.

He’s also retweeted videos of himself from the past that we’re not flattering. The affected artistse are yet to respond.

He wrote:

Everyday I get things to say but my mouth no good I wish everybody luck Y’all need it
Una really want me on my 50cent shit. lol hmmm…

A fan wrote:

Can you just go back to old twitter wiz

He replied:

that’s a bully! Let’s leave him for now .…”for now”


Bro said for now twice, does that means old wiz is still there somewhere?


He still lingers in there deep down on top of all these millions


Wiz which upcoming artiste do you vibe to lately?


Love everyone putting out dope shit! They all deserve to win!


Wizkid Ladipo still talk nonsense yesterday o, Abeg enter that one took


lol never chatting to anyone signed to an influencer. Next

Watch video below

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