American Actress, Kerry Washington Reveals She Was Conceived Through A Sperm Donor

American Actress, Kerry Washington Reveals She Was Conceived Through A Sperm Donor

Popular Americian actress, Kerry Washington has released her memoir, Thicker Than Water, and in it, revealed that she was conceived through a sperm donor.

The Scandal star disclosed that she first learned about her biological past in 2018 with the help of the Henry Louis Gate Jr- hosted PBS series, ‘Finding your roots.’

The revelation came to light after she went to collect DNA spit sample from her parents. She had to tell Gates that her dad was really uncomfortable and unlikely to give her the samples.

Gates then privately spoke with her parents, which is when they asked if Washington wasn’t their biological child would it come up in the testing? Gates suggested they have that conversation with their daughter

After her mom and dad finally told her the truth, Washington said it was liberating.

“I’ve always had this weird disconnect with my dad, but i thought that was my fault. I thought i wasn’t a kid enough person. But the idea that i was not his never occurred to me. It was just, why can’t i be better to him? Why can’t we be closer? What’s wrong with us?” She asked.

The actress added that she immediately felt guilty because i could see how much pain my parent were in, my dad in particular. But she also felt resentment.

“I was birthed into a lie,” she said

I was playing a supporting character in my parent’ story. It felt like i”d been wandering through a library my whole life, looking for a specific book aboout myself. My mom and dad were these librarians who said, ‘There’s a room we havent shown you.”

Washington said she has tried to find her biological father, but there has been no way to identify him. She also revealed that her mom planned to leave a note about her biological past in a safe deposit box.

I was like, You’ve had cancer three times and you’re knocking on 80,” Washington recalled.

“At what point were you going to write that note?”

She added, “I will be forever grateful to skip Gates.”

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