How To Register For Nigeria Idol

How To Register For Nigeria Idol

Now that the Nigeria Idol season 8 is back everyone wants to get updated and everyone keep asking the same question which is how to register for the Nigerian idol season 8. Well If you are in this category then you need to worry Because you are about to know everything about the registration process for the Nigerian Idol.

How To Register For the Nigerian Idol Season 8

Firstly you would need to fill your personal details so that they can contact you if you were successful choosen. So below is the full guide on how to apply

  1. Firstly log on to their official registration portal via NIGERIA IDOL S8 Registration
  2. Then click on the box saying you accept you are 18 above and you accept the terms and conditions
  3. Afterwards you would fill in your name, date of birth and age
  4. Then you would be required to input you NIN and select your nationality
  5. Then you would be required to fill you gender and your occupation
  6. Afterwards,you would need to input you contact number, alternate number and WhatsApp number
  7. After, you would input your email and then retype your email again for confirmation
  8. Then you would be asked to choose the city you live in currently and the movie you live in permanently
  9. Afterwards, you would input a valid home address with full description
  10. Then you would be required to input a passport of yourself not more than 20mb

Then this is the first phase of the registration so click continue to proceed to the next.

Then you would be asked to answer some questions and this Questions are mandatory

  1. Why do you think you would make a great Idol
  2. Who are your musical influences?
  3. What makes you unique?
  4. Sum up your life and who you are in less than 20 words
  5. Then upload 30 seconds of your singing audition. (please have this ready before completing the form)

Important things to note

  • Your audition video should not be longer than 30 seconds, so choose the part of your song that best shows off your voice.
  • No instruments or backtracks are allowed.
  • Should your audition be successful you will be invited to audition in person in front of the Nigerian Idol judges.
  • You must be Nigerian and between 16 and 30 years of age to be eligible.

Kindly share this information with others and we wish you goodluck in your registration process.

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